Hello World + #IWD2017 Round Up


Hello world!  I'm Katharine and this is my first post here at ambiSHEous™.

Wednesday was International Women's Day, a day that celebrates the achievements of women across all domains and calls upon us all to continue working towards gender parity.  What better time to get started?

This year's theme was #BeBoldforChange, which is exactly what ambisHEous™ is all about. From voicing their values and acting on ideas to making the most of their money, we're teaching girls how to #BeBold and take charge of their future.  Economically, socially, and politically - we're rallying a new generation of go-getters.

As for the blog, stay tuned. We'll explore all kinds of issues relevant to girls leadership and dive into some of the societal challenges still facing women and girls - both here at home and around the world.  We'll offer insight and advice girls and parents, highlight some really great role models, and share the stories that matter.

This week in particular, there was a lot of girl power going around.  In no particular order, here is what inspired me...

 1.  Daughters of the Vote - Brainchild of Equal Voice Canada, this incredible initiative saw 338 young women selected from every federal riding in the country to take their seat in the House of Commons. Wow, this was one impressive group.  Check out this report from CBC's The National and see for yourself.

2.  Srosh Hasanna - Have you ever heard the famous Maggie Kuhn quote about "speaking the truth, even if your voice shakes"? Well that's exactly what Daughter of the Vote Srosh Hasanna did.  She stood up in the House of Commons and used her shakiest voice to courageously confront the scourge of Islamophobia and xenophobia.  "This is my Canada", she stated bravely "and there is no seat for hate".  Hear, hear!

3.  These 60 Stunning Photos of Girls Going to School Around the World remind us how great things could be if all of the 130 million girls currently out of school were to gain access to education, study hard, take their seat at a decision-making table, and well... let's face it - change the world.   

4.  The Girl & the Bull - This very cool bronze statue of a Fearless Girl defiantly staring down the Wall St. Bull made the social media rounds like wildfire. I have a feeling this temporary installation in place to raise awareness about improving gender diversity on corporate boards will live indefinitely in the minds of girls and women everywhere.  The symbolism it just too powerful to fade from memory.

5.  Ottawa Rock Camp for Girls: Portraits by Jessica Deeks - Speaking of powerful visuals, check out these arty and enlightening portraits of participants in Ottawa's Rock Camp for Girls.  Editorial photographer Jessica Deeks has done a fantastic job of capturing each girl's special star qualities!

6.  Wild Beasts - Alpha Female - Talk about being bold!  Check out these free-spirited skateboarding girls taking the streets of India by storm. 

Talk about hope for the future! #ambiSHEous #indeed