You can make a difference. Whether you're an ambiSHEousTM girl, a parent, a potential sponsor, or an interested mentor - we want to hear from you!


We are in constant planning mode and have a few cools things in the works already for 2018. Stay tuned for news about dates, locations, and registration - coming soon.  In the meantime, sign up for our newsletter to stay in the loop.


ambiSHEous is about empowering ALL girls, and we recognize there may be some who might not be able to pay the cost of attending one of our programs. Your sponsorship will ensure ambiSHEous™ workshops are available to those who might need an extra boost.   


We're ambitious about ambiSHEous, and keen to reach as many girls as we can.  We also believe that by working together with like-minded organizations, we're more likely to grow.  If your organization is aligned with our goals, we definitely want to know.  Please reach out and say so!


We are always on the lookout for women interested in becoming mentors, ambassadors, and event speakers.  Pass along your experience, expertise, and enthusiasm in a meaningful way - and make a huge difference in the path of an emerging ambiSHEous girl!