empowering a new generation of girls

Girls these days have serious aspirations.

A 2010 Angus Reid study revealed Canadian girls aged 8-12 are more inspired to succeed than ever before - with 54% believing nothing would stop them from achieving their dreams, 51% wanting to run their own business, and only 4% believing their gender would prevent them from landing their dream job. So yes - the next generation of girls are revved up and ready to make an impact.

Contrast this with Canada’s clear and persistent gender gap.

Whether it’s corporate leadership, elected office, or business ownership – women remain underrepresented.

We know girls’ dreams are too often met with resistance. They’re told - or worse - they tell themselves  to "slow down" or "ease up". By high school, confidence plummets, self-esteem suffers, and bold ambitions take a back seat. This loss of assurance inhibits girls' potential, with unfortunate long term implications.


Enter ambiSHEousTM.

Founded on the premise girls can and should be encougaged to lead early, we combine entrepreneurship training, citizenship education, and leadership development to shape the very real ambitions of girls in a positive, world-changing way.

ambiSHEous first ran as a pilot program in the spring of 2015, in collaboration with the Rideau Rockcliffe Community Resource Centre in Ottawa. A total hit with participants and parent alike, we decided to keep going. Since then, we've held many successful two-day workshops and a number of unique alumni events. In addition to growing our community, we continue to explore ways to expand our offerings and reach more ambiSHEous girls!

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