Past StartUp Self Sessions

While the workshop curriculum remains consistent, no two StartUp Self sessions are the same. Depending on the location and participating girls each workshop takes on a personality of its own.  For interested partners, the following demonstrate a variety of relevant delivery models.

CANADA 2020 (8).jpg

civic leaders

ambiSHEous™ returned to Ottawa for a second time in 2018 to host our biggest StartUp Self™ Workshop yet! Just down the street from Parliament Hill, 26 girls shared their ambitions, advanced their ideas, and received mentorship from some of Canada’s top leaders. This session was proudly supported by Interac Corp.

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global goals

Hosted by the Canadian Embassy in Egypt, ambiSHEous™ was delivered to emerging young female leaders attending Canadian schools in Cairo.  To mark the International Day of the Girl, the session supported Canada's global effort to empower girls everywhere.

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young humanitarians

Hosted at Care Canada, this spring session had a definite humanitarian flair. In addition to building their bold ventures, participants learned how girls around the world use their voices to make positive change.


CANADA 2020 (6).jpg


In less than 48 hours, 16 girls brought their bold, ambitious and innovative ideas to life and blew us all away. The ideas? Only the forward-looking stuff the world is sure to need: environmentally-friendly sanitary pads, wearable tech/speaker earrings, customized bamboo eyeglasses, and biodegradable makeup packaging.

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the road north

This session was our first on the road. Sudbury's most promising girls were selected following an application process, and thanks to program sponsors Unboxed Health, they were able to participate free of charge. These northern girls were definitely an ambitious crew!

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inspiring interest in tech

Shopify HQ is as cool as it gets, especially for girls who might be interested in tech. Who wouldn't want to workplace with a foam pit? This first-ever 2 day version maxed-out ambiSHEous™ workshop was definitely a hit.  

CANADA 2020 (5).jpg


ambiSHEous™ went back on the road to Sudbury to support a new cohort of StartUp Self™ participants. In just 2 short days,10 girls discovered what it takes to put their ideas into the world - and witnessed the real-life tangible results that happen when they do. This session was made possible with the support of Unboxed Health.

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sporty style

ambiSHEous™ ran a sporty session at the OTLBC for members, guests & the extended community. The clubhouse was the perfect place for girls to do some real life learning - even after school was out for summer. Business and beach volleyball make a pretty fine pair.

past sessions rrcrc.png

The BrAVe pilot CREW

The CRCRR was immediately on board with our mission to create a new generation of economically, politically & socially empowered girls. This small but brave cohort of neighbourhood girls were first to give our workshop a try!