ambiSHEousTM offers workshops and custom programming for girls grade 7-10.

next generation leadership

This is not a training ground for tycoons, and "rich and famous" is not our end game.

Instead, our goal is to equip a new generation of girls for life - and to nurture their ambition. Whatever path ambiSHEous alumni choose, they’ll better understand how the world works; recognize the role of private, public, and non-profit organizations in society; and know first-hand what it takes to be entrepreneurial - in any setting.  

Ambitious maybe, but our mission is to re-define "triple-threat" - economically, socially, and politically empowered girls are our best hope for a better world.  We want every ambiSHEous girl to feel confident when it comes to managing money, navigating their education and career, engaging in civic life - and yes - even starting something new.  

And while we're at it...we're taking aim at that pesky gender gap.


ambiSHEous programs offer girls a distinctly different perspective on the world while integrating valuable life lessons in a fun and unique way. In addition to exposing participants to inspiring new subject areas, guest speakers, mentors, and a constructive ‘mean-free’ environment, ambiSHEous empowers girls with practical skills and know-how at a critical early stage. 

Our workshops and custom programming provide participants the opportunity to apply their learning through hands-on activities including business or social venture planning, creative digital production, and pitch presentations.  

Incorporating essential concepts of grit, failure, and resilience, ambiSHEous sessions cover life-changing topics not often taught in classrooms, including:

  • Financial fundamentals: Follow the money and learn why it matters. Explore the world of finance, who earns what, and what it means to exchange value.

  • Business basics: Put the pieces together, turn an idea into reality and plan for success. How to assess an opportunity, test the market, and stay ahead of debt.

  • Social change: Create change, solve big problems, and shape a better future. Discover ways to engage, from making sustainable choices and starting social businesses to political involvement and taking action globally.

  • Leadership: Connect individual girls unique communication style to real-world situations and build confidence. Develop empathy, openness, and integrity while learning how to collaborate for results.

Most importantly, ambiSHEous girls step outside their comfort zone and discover their own potential.