We are preparing a new generation of young female leaders for the future. We’re showing them how to become whoever they want to be.

ambiSHEous™ is a for-profit social venture focused on leadership training and career development for girls and young women. Through unique programming and proprietary curriculum, ambiSHEous™ is taking direct aim at Canada’s gender gap in leadership.

Just 16 percent of Canada’s small and medium-sized businesses are majority-owned by women and only 15 percent of private sector CEOs are female. And, Canadian women are 13 percent more likely than men to respond "don't know" to financial literacy questions.

For these reasons, the economic and political empowerment of girls and young women is core to the ambiSHEous™ approach.

By combining financial, digital, and civic literacy with entrepreneurship, ambiSHEous™ programs equip girls and young women with the critical skills and knowledge they need to succeed - and lead - in tomorrow’s economy.

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independence. Influence. impact.

ambiSHEous™ empowers girls and young women to start something new, pave their own way, and make an impact in the world.

At ambiSHEous™, we know the challenges girls and young women face.

We also believe when empowered, girls and young women can and will make the world a better place. That's why we're focused on the stuff they won't learn in school.

From financial literacy and entrepreneurship to civic engagement and social change, we equip emerging female leaders with the valuable skills, real-life know-how, and experience-based confidence they need.