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the startup self™ sessions

Our flagship StartUp Self™ Program takes participants step-by-step through the process of planning a socially responsible small business or social-profit enterprise. Building on the fundamentals of financial literacy, sessions cover the practical aspects of business, offer girls the opportunity to take ownership over their ideas, and empower them to take initiative.

StartUp Self™ workshops explore how individuals and organizations of all kinds must set goals, generate revenue, and allocate resources to meet those goals. This exposes girls and young women to the rationale for developing businesses, voting, investing, and consuming based on their values.  Participants are also encouraged to embrace the underlying importance of financial models before jumping into the 'creative' side of brand marketing. A strong emphasis is placed on the many pathways to funding new ventures.

This interactive program incorporates a variety of technology-based tools and is designed to improve participants' digital literacy.

Suitable for Girls & Young Women Age 13+

How we WORK:


A certified partnership program is currently in development to enable delivery of StartUp Self™ Sessions by like-minded organizations.  The partner package includes comprehensive training and use of a full-suite of licensed materials, renewable on an annual basis. For more information, click here.


If your business or organization is  keen to support a new generation of emerging female leaders, consider full sponsorship of a private or application-based ambiSHEous™ StartUp Self ™ workshop. We'll work with you to identify a targeted audience of girls and support their participation for free.  Contact us to find out more.

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Fee-based StartUp Self™ sessions are sometimes open to the public, subject to availability. When offered, we work hard to make our programs accessible. Contact us to learn more about scholarships for these open sessions.


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