ambition is not the exception

A 2010 Angus Reid study revealed Canadian girls (8-12) are more inspired to succeed than ever before - with 54% believing nothing would stop them from achieving their dreams, 51% wanting to run their own business, and only 4% believing their gender would prevent them from landing their dream job. So yes - this generation of beginner women are revved up and ready to make an impact.

Contrast this with Canada’s clear and persistent gender gap.

Whether it’s corporate leadership, elected office, or business ownership – women remain underrepresented.

Enter ambiSHEous™.

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game changing leadership & career development for beginner women

Today's girls and young women are a promising and powerful force - but they need a strong runway to live, learn and experience before they fill any 'pipelines'. Inspiration and celebrity role models only go so far. They might inspire big dreams - but what about tangible next steps?

At ambiSHEous™ we show beginner women how to become whatever and whoever they want to be. Our game-changing leadership and career developmet programming covers the real-world facts of life not always covered in school - including money, business and politics. We equip girls and young women and with the practical learning they'll need to stand up, speak their minds, and take action on their ideas.

ambiSHEous™ ran its first StartUp Self™ session as a pilot in the spring of 2015, in collaboration with the Rideau Rockcliffe Community Resource Centre in Ottawa. A total hit from the start, we've been going ever since. We've engaged hundreds of girls and young women in 3 cities in Canada and around the world trough multiple successful two-day workshops, unique alumni gatherings and sponsored learning events.

Too often, girls and young women are perceived as lacking in confidence or self-esteem. At ambiSHEous™, we see the power these beginner women already possess and provide them with the practical skills, real-world knowledge, and face-to-face encouragement they need to discover their potential.

ambiSHEous™ programs continue to evolve, but the mission remains the same. We're preparing a new generation of economically and politically savvy beginner women ready to reframe the power game for the benefit of all.

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