learning for real life.  

Participating girls have told us the ambiSHEous program offers an amazing learning experience.  Not only did they have fun and make new friends, ambiSHEous girls know their new found skills and knowledge position them "one step ahead" of others their age.  Despite being nervous they might have trouble fitting in - or not understand the material - workshop participants have clearly benefited from some very valuable take-aways.  Here's just a taste of what ambiSHEous alumni have told us so far...



Overall rating with 5 being "awesome". 


Learned something new and useful.


Knowledge gained is applicable to life. 

I just wanted to let you know I am now in the process of starting my first business. I wanted to thank you for the useful information your course gave me. It’s been a huge help! I really do appreciate all that ambiSHEous did for me...
— Vanessa N., age 14, ambiSHEous participant
My husband just picked Emma up...she loved her experience at the workshop today! She had a huge smile on her face (always a good sign) and when I asked her what her favourite part was, she said “everything!”. I really think the work you are doing with young girls is amazing. I’m so grateful my daughter had the privilege of participating! Thank you.
— Suzanne F., satisfied Mom
Great meeting the girls at ambiSHEous! Thanks so much for the opportunity to help build a movement of girls getting the business savvy they need early on!
— Komal Minhas, Co-Founder & Film Producer, Dream Girl, ambiSHEous mentor